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WUT Students Come First in the 2020 Droniada

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The best teams competing in this year’s 2020 Droniada, photo: Facebook / Droniada

The Melavio Avionics Student Research Group from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering has won the Droniada — a competition for academic teams performing search-and-rescue missions which involve the use of drones and information analysis systems.

This year, the competition was held under a mixed formula: online (competition consisting in the presentation of unmanned aerial systems) and in the field — at the Silesian Aeroclub in Katowice (two competitions: Emergency Corridor and Three Colors).

The Warsaw University of Technology students won the Three Colors competition and came second in the Emergency Corridor competition as well as in the presentation. They also proved to be the best in the general classification.

– During our stay in Katowice, two field trials were held, they comment. – The goal of the first one was to analyze the traffic situation from a bird’s eye view and to determine the relative position of the ambulance and the intruder in the emergency corridor. In the second trial, the goal was to find and identify geometric figures distributed in the field, representing various plant diseases.

– We were the only ones to meet the requirement of at least 50% of points in every competition, they add. – Despite the difficult situation, we managed to integrate the system on time and put our best foot forward. Enriched by those new experiences, we are waiting eagerly for the next edition.

In Droniada the Melavio Avionics Student Research Group was represented by a team formed by Małgorzata Sikora, Dominik Przybysz, Michał Włodarczyk, Tymoteusz Kazubski, Adam Rydzewski and Tymoteusz Uzarczyk.

Also another research group from the WUT participated in the competition — WUThrust from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which won the first competition — the online presentation, scoring the maximum number of points.

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