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The house of light won the architectural competition

Visualization of the project The house of light

The house of light project, authors: Paulina Górecka, Paulina Pawlikowska

Paulina Górecka and Paulina Pawlikowska, architecture graduates of Wrocław University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University of Technology, won the first place in the international Hangar Ticinum competition. The former seaplane hangar in Pavia, Italy, can be given a second life thanks to their design.

The Idroscalo hangar, designed in the 1920s is located on the Ticinum River. It is strategically located and serves as the gateway to the small Italian town of Pavia. Historically, the building served as a seaplane station, enabling people to be transferred to the city. The authors of The House of Light project wanted to breathe new life into the abandoned building while also honoring its history.

The hangar is built on a sturdy concrete platform. The building's structure is solid, but the brick wall infill was damaged. Our project called for the replacement of defective bricks in the wall construction with glass blocks. This procedure allowed the light to be let in during the day and out at night. As a result, Idroscalo is once again a landmark on the city map, attracting visitors with an interesting form and, at night, like a lighthouse, inviting people from all directions, as the architects explain.

Visualization of the project The house of light

The awarded architects' goal was to breathe new life into the former seaplane base by converting it into a cultural platform and theater, authors of the project: Paulina Górecka, Paulina Pawlikowska

The authors anticipate that after the reconstruction, the hangar will become a new cultural and social landmark in the city, as well as a viewing point.

In the form of the designed building, the architects referred to the Shakespearean theater. The central space, which is a platform with mobile parts, is surrounded by stairs and terraces at the facade. They facilitate the creation of various stage-audience configurations as well as a workshop space. Shows could be held in front of an open space with a view of the river.

Visualization of the project The house of light

The stairs serve as the theater's audience, allowing visitors to enter the terrace, which provides an excellent view of the river, authors of the design: Paulina Górecka, Paulina Pawlikowska

More information about the Hangar Ticinum competition and the winning project can be found on the architekturaibiznes.pl website