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The Student Nobel 2021

Photo of the laboratory

The Competition Final will take place in May

Our students among the finalists

Piotr Araszkiewicz from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Hubert Graczyk from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Mateusz Frydrych from the Faculty of Civil Engineering were the finalists of this year's edition of the Student Nobel Competition. The competition is an annual event organized by the Independent Students’ Association. All three nominations for the WUT students are related to the field of Science.

This year, the following students stand a chance of winning the statuette:

  • Piotr Araszkiewicz - a student of Teleinformatics and Cybersecurity at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.

A co-founder and the chairman of the scientific circle FiberTeam. As part of the NCBiR grant, the leader of X as an electronics enthusiast deals with stm32 and fpga software. He shares his knowledge and experience at national and international conferences, as well as through participating in volunteering work. He is the author of publications in SPIE (the project was awarded with the Grant of the Student Research Associations Council) and the originator of the project "Drift" carried out in cooperation with the student research association KOIOT.

  • Mateusz Frydrych - a student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, specializing in Bridges and Underground Structures.

The founder and chairman of the Geoengineering Student Research Association at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of WUT. He is a representative of Poland in the international construction competition in the "Future Skills BIM" competition in Kazan, and the coordinator of the project team in a research project with the participation of NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development). He is also involved in several research projects at an international level. He also participated as an engineer in the construction of the tallest building in Europe - Varso Tower. One of his many achievements is work on the analysis of the structure of The Poniatowski Bridge bridge in Warsaw, recognized as the best in its category in the competition "Challenges of a Young Engineer" by Builder magazine. He says about himself that he is an enthusiast of combining theory with practice, a passionate engineer who loves science, motorcycles and constructing electric guitars. 

  • Hubert Graczyk – a student of Applied Automatic Control and Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The creator of the e-MaksPower electric car for a disabled boy suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The coordinator of the electronic section and the entire project of the autonomous submarine OKOŃ built for international competitions and scientific research conducted in the aquatic environment. He is the first author of a scientific article on the impact of electromagnetic disturbances generated by BLDC motors operating in water on the correct operation of AHRS inertial navigation sensors. A multiple winner of the KOKOS Student Structures Competition, the winner of the 6th edition in the "Smart Robots" and "Life Upgrade" categories, the winner of the 7th edition in the "Joker" category, and a finalist in the "Life Upgrade "category. In 2019/2020, he participated in the program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (currently the Ministry of Education and Science) "The Best of the Best!" 4.0”. He is also a member of the OKOŃ Team, which was among the top teams of the Singapore AUV Challenge 2020 competition.

Photo of the finalists of the Student Nobel 2021

The finalists of the Student Nobel 2021 competition from left: Hubert Graczyk, Mateusz Frydrych, Piotr Araszkiewicz

The main aim of the competition is to award students with outstanding achievements in the field of science, art and social activity. In line with the current trends of innovation and related investments in human resources, it aims to enable outstanding young people to use their achievements to make a mark in the world of science and business.

Last year, the award in the Technical Sciences category went to Juliusz Bojarczuk from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.

The Competition Final will take place in May.