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Open Day at WUT

Open Day promo photo

See you Saturday, May 28!

An event for curious minds. You've seen WUT Main Building a hundred times but have no idea what's happening inside? Visit us this Saturday (May 28) and learn more about the Warsaw University of Technology, meet our students and professors, see the effects of their research work and… join us!

Inspiration Zone — Central Campus

Do you dream of building a motorcycle or a race car, programming your robot, or doing chemistry demonstrations the world has never seen? In front and the back of the WUT Main Building (Plac Politechniki 1), you'll find students from research clubs who are creating phenomenal projects. See them up close, talk to the young engineers and creators and find the people with whom you can soon make your ideas a reality.

Doctoral Candidates

Meet us at 2:45 PM in the Small Aula (WUT Main Building) to learn more about the "Doctoral School of Innovation and Opportunities."

Mentioned events are a part of the larger event for our candidates and science & engineering enthusiasts.