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New cancer therapy

Picture of the brain

The researchers tested their solution on glioblastoma multiforme cells, photo Pixabay

The team from the Warsaw University of Technology, the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Warsaw want to help in the treatment of brain tumours and the elimination of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Researchers have developed a new liquid drug carrier. In addition to the traditional chemotherapeutic, it also contains molecules that silence or block the genes involved in the development of cancer tissue. The mechanism of synthetic lethality, i.e. forced cell death, was applied here. The carrier itself is in the form of a multiple emulsion, which, among others, allows to isolate the substances used in the therapy and control the rate of their release.

Combating glioblastoma

The solution was tested on the cells of glioblastoma multiforme – one of the most aggressive forms of primary brain cancer. The research proved very promising.

  – It showed that the therapy proposed by our team is much more effective than traditional chemotherapy – says Ewa Dłuska, PhD, DSc Eng., professor at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, the project manager. – This therapy creates also an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of other new solutions in chemotherapy. Depending on the dose of the therapeutic, we obtained an approximately 20-30% decrease in tumor cell viability compared to the therapy based on the use of emulsions without gene silencing promoters

Illustration comparing the new therapy with classic chemotherapy

The ultimately liquid implant is to be introduced in the place of the tumor removal.

  – This solution is innovative when compared with well-known solid or gel implants and, as research has shown, is more effective than conventional chemotherapy – says Professor Dłuska.

Illustration showing the operation of a liquid implant in the form of a multiple emulsion

Wound Cream

The advantages of multiple emulsion are also used by researchers in cream to relieve inflammation (including skin and nails) caused by chemo- and radiotherapy.

– This structure of the preparation ensures a gradual and long-term release of care and moisturizing substances – explains Prof. Dłuska.

The illustration shows the effect of the preparation soothing the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

As demonstrated by the conducted tests, the effectiveness of the cream can be confirmed after two days of using.

Researchers are currently refining their ideas.

A team consisting of: Ewa Dłuska, PhD DSc Eng, profesor at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, the project manager, Elżbieta Speina, PhD, DSc, (Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences), Agnieszka Markowska-Radomska, PhD, DSc, (Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology), Agnieszka Siemion, PhD Eng., (Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology), Konrad Kosicki, PhD, (Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw).

The project "Emulsion system of drug delivery – cancer treatment supported by the mechanism of synthetic lethality" is financed under the program "Excellence Initiative – Research University" implemented at the Warsaw University of Technology. The idea received a prize in the competition of the POB Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering Research Centre.

More information on badawcza.pw.edu.pl