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Good energy for Ukraine

Photo of Paulina Kruk-Fura, MSc

Paulina Kruk-Fura, MSc, from the Solid State Ionics Division of the WUT Faculty of Physics, one of the volunteers in the "Mini-energy storage" campaign, photo: Przemysław Michalski

The Faculty of Physics collects and rebuilds old uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), lithium-ion batteries, and car batteries as part of the "Mini-energy storage" campaign („Minimagazyny energii”). All of this is meant to support the people of Ukraine, who have lost access to the electricity network as a result of the war.

Prof. Michał Marzantowicz, who deals with issues related to energy storage and conversion in electrochemical cells on a daily basis, is the initiator of the campaign. Outside of work, he uses his knowledge of these cells to develop tools to help Ukrainians in their daily lives in a time of war.

– ‘Together with the team, we rebuild power supplies, install lithium-ion batteries and add photovoltaic panels. We deliver ready-made sets to areas of Ukraine where the electricity infrastructure has been destroyed.’ — explains the researcher from the Faculty of Physics. — ‘Ukrainians can now access solar-generated electricity thanks to compact energy storages built at WUT. As a result, they will, for instance, regain their house lighting. Where there is light, there is hope’ — says Prof. Marzantowicz. 

How can you support our physicists' campaign?

  • UPSs, large packs of lithium-ion cells, and small photovoltaic panels can be left in the Faculty of Physics' reception area. Power banks for repair, wide cross-section wires, and high-amperage car fuses will also be useful.
  • Volunteers are also needed for workshop tasks such as inventorying, assembling batteries into packs, soldering, and testing batteries and energy storages. The team provides the essential substantive preparation.

If you are interested, please contact:

  • the initiator and the main organizer of the campaign, Prof. Michał Marzantowicz: michal.marzantowicz@pw.edu.pl,
  • the coordinator of support actions for Ukraine at the WUT, Mirosław Szyłak-Szydłowski, PhD, DSc: miroslaw.szydlowski@pw.edu.pl (administrative assistance at the WUT),
  • the team on MS Teams, code: f2ekygt (only for people logged into the WUT domain).

So far, the project has been supported by Speckable and Volt Polska, which have facilitated the purchase of lightweight and unbreakable photovoltaic panels.

Do you wish to contribute to the WUT physicists' initiative? Please, contact us.