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WUT student received the James Dyson award

Opublikowano: 30/08/2021 1:31 pm

Aleksander Trakul and Mike Ryan

In the first edition of the competition for young engineers, one of the winning projects was XTRUDE ZERO completed by Mike Ryan, a WUT student of biomedical engineering and Aleksander Trakul from the University of Edinburgh.

Adam Zielinski wins the National Power Engineering Competition

Opublikowano: 10/08/2021 11:14 am

Photo of Adam Zielinski

Once again, members of the KNE Power Engineers Student Research Group, operating with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, enjoy success in the National Power Engineering Competition.  

Success of WUT students in the competition Formula Student Czech Republic 2021

Opublikowano: 10/08/2021 11:09 am

Photo of Proton Dynamic team

The electric bolide of the team Proton Dynamic is on the podium!

How to grow cress on the moon

Opublikowano: 02/08/2021 2:03 pm

Lunar soil simulant at various stages of terraforming, photo.

In the second half of July, the Swiss mountain Pilatus turned into a space colony, where students from all over the world tested solutions prepared for the IGLUNA project. Among them were young researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology - the creators of the plant breeding module in unfavorable conditions.

Enhance Summer School

Opublikowano: 02/08/2021 10:37 am

Graphic of Enhance Summer School

From 15-28 September, the Warsaw University of Technology will host the "Green Campus - ENHANCE Summer School on Climate Change".

ENHANCE Language Tandems

Opublikowano: 30/07/2021 6:48 pm

Language tandems

The Language Tandems within the ENHANCE Alliance is a project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community. Register now!

WUT students send seeds to the stratosphere

Opublikowano: 28/07/2021 3:29 pm

Logo of the First Agricultural Space Mission

The Balloon Section of the Student Astronaut Club operating at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering has joined an experiment that aims to check the impact of extreme conditions on the quality of triticale seeds, among other things.

Do you want to eat healthily? AI is there to help

Opublikowano: 27/07/2021 4:00 pm

Chefs' app visualization

Students at the Warsaw University of Technology have created Chefs’ – an app for easy management of recipes. Currently, they are developing a new module facilitating meal analysis.

How do our researchers use the potential of terahertz?

Opublikowano: 26/07/2021 12:09 pm

Photo of the microscope

Terahertz high screening properties and the ability to transfer information are among the features that generate interest in the world of science. Researchers at the Warsaw University of Technology are constantly increasing their contribution to creating innovative solutions utilising those advantages.

From WUT to Tokyo Olympics

Opublikowano: 26/07/2021 12:06 pm

Olympic symbols

Damian Czykier (graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering) and Szymon Pośnik (student at the Faculty of Mechatronics) are in the Polish team at the most important sports event in the world.

Student support for the development of space tourism

Opublikowano: 07/07/2021 10:27 am

Photo of the Innspace team responsible for the awarded project

The Innspace team, formed, among others, by one of our students, reached the finals of the international Student Aerospace Challenge competition. The team was awarded the Suborbital Day Special Prize for its work on radiation protection for passengers of a suborbital plane.

Award in the competition "Innovations for Security and Defense"

Opublikowano: 06/07/2021 8:32 am

Photo of the radar mounted on a trailer adapted to be drawn by a passenger car

The SZURAD short-range noise radar demonstrator took the second place in a competition organized by portal-mundurowy.pl.

The Land of Honey - city apiary at the WUT

Opublikowano: 06/07/2021 8:19 am

Photo of Łukasz Boruc, PhD, while setting up the apiary

Three hives have appeared at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT to support the bee population. The university apiary was created thanks to a project submitted to the WUT Participatory Budget.

Eureka! Award for Cryptographic concept of WUT researchers

Opublikowano: 05/07/2021 8:31 am

Graphics symbolising the cryptographic

In the competition organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna "Eureka! DGP - we discover Polish inventions”, the third place was awarded to the idea of a duo of researchers from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology – for a generator of physically non-copiable cryptographic keys.

Co-operation of the Warsaw University of Technology with CERN

Opublikowano: 05/07/2021 8:23 am

Photo of the ALICE - one of the detectors in the Large Hadron Collider

On July 1, 2021 Poland has been a full member of CERN - a European scientific organization dealing with the study of matter - for exactly 30 years. Scientists from our University have been making an important contribution to the work of the centre.

Warsaw University of Technology in the Millionaires Ranking

Opublikowano: 05/07/2021 8:11 am

Photo of the Main Building of the WUT

According to the ranking prepared by the company - Pracownia Ekonomiczna 2033, six graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology can pride themselves on assets in excess of 100 million euros. More millionaires graduated only from the University of Science and Technology in Krakow (11 people) and the University of Warsaw (10 people).

Admissions to WUT Doctoral Schools

Opublikowano: 01/07/2021 10:53 am

Photo of the students

Pursue your scientific career at the Warsaw University of Technology! From 1 July to 15 August we are registering candidates to Doctoral Schools.

Our students with the WordSkills Poland award

Opublikowano: 21/06/2021 10:31 am

Kamil Kwiatkowski and Przemysław Rył, winners will represent Poland at the international competition WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

Kamil Kwiatkowski and Przemysław Rył from the Faculty of Mechatronics won the first place in the qualifying round of the WorldSkills Poland Lublin 2021 competition in the Industry 4.0 contest.  The winners will represent Poland at the international competition WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

The Rector of the WUT has become a member of the Council of Plan for Labour and Development

Opublikowano: 21/06/2021 10:10 am

Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, Labour and Technology and Professor Krzysztof Zaremba, Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology

Deputy Minister Jarosław Gowin presented the nominations.

Admission for international applicants

Opublikowano: 18/06/2021 3:17 pm

Picture of students

Join WUT – start your application today

Genomics Platform@WUT Symposium

Opublikowano: 18/06/2021 11:02 am

Illustration of DNA and matrix

To celebrate the first anniversary of its foundation, Genomics Platform@WUT organizes its first symposium as a virtual conference. We cordially invite all researchers from Warsaw University of Technology interested in genomics and bioinformatics to participate in the event that will take place on June 23, 2021.

The competition for projects aiming to purchase equipment

Opublikowano: 17/06/2021 9:54 am

Photo of the woman who in the laboratory

The competition aims to enhance the research potential of the Warsaw University of Technology through the purchase of specialist research equipment. It is realized as part of the Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme. The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2021.

Watch out for a fake USOS portal

Opublikowano: 15/06/2021 4:24 pm

Information alert graphic

Security alert

WUT doctoral student wins an international award

Opublikowano: 11/06/2021 9:42 am

Photo of Maria Stefaniak

Maria Stefaniak (Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology and Subatech-IMT Atlantique) received the Chasman Award 2021.

WUT goes up in the QS WUR ranking

Opublikowano: 11/06/2021 8:46 am

Photo of the Main Building of Warsaw University of Technology

It is a ranking of the best universities in the world.