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Where to find support? A students idea to help people from Ukrainian

Opublikowano: 28/04/2022 10:32 am

Photo of the [object.object] team

A solution proposed by the students of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Silesian University of Technology was awarded in the Datathon #OpenData programming marathon.

WUT in the fight against disinformation

Opublikowano: 28/04/2022 10:26 am

Photo of the thoughtful man in front of the computer

Learn more about the DISSIMILAR project

WUT Summer schools — spend your vacation efficiently!

Opublikowano: 28/04/2022 9:31 am

Graphics promoting WUT summer schools

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), as part of the SPINAKER programme, awarded the Warsaw University of Technology with funding for the two projects: International summer schools WUT and Geomatics and Aeronautical Engineering Summer Schools. International students can register now for one of 7 exciting programs.

The School Finder App will help parents of Ukrainian students

Opublikowano: 27/04/2022 4:17 pm

A photo of the team receiving the award in the form of a symbolic check

A group of Warsaw University of Technology graduates and Military University of Technology students developed a mobile app that allows Ukrainian children to enroll in Polish schools. The project was recognized in the Datathon #OpenData competition.

What do intestines try to tell us

Opublikowano: 27/04/2022 1:22 pm

Photo of the woman holding her stomach

Although they make us slightly ill at ease and may appear quite funny, intestinal sounds play an important role in the process of diagnosing diseases in the field of gastroenterology. Specialists from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, in liaison with Poznan University of Medical Sciences, set about analysing intestinal sounds.

Two projects of WUT receive funding from the National Science Centre

Opublikowano: 26/04/2022 12:37 pm

Photo of Jakub Gac, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor and Tomasz Trzciński, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor

The projects of Tomasz Trzciński, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and Jakub Gac, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, from the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering have received funding from the National Science Centre as part of the PRELUDE BIS 3 competition.

New quality of nanomaterials

Opublikowano: 26/04/2022 12:34 pm

Photo of Agnieszka Krawczyńska, PhD

Researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Vienna will be working on a new method of heat treatment of materials. This will allow for more effective creation of microstructures with greater thermal stability and desired properties.

Learning to design robust natural language generation models for explainable AI

Opublikowano: 14/04/2022 3:43 pm

A photo presenting AI

On the 19th of April, scientists from different countries will meet with big tech companies such as Google and Orange in Nancy (France). This combination of industry practitioners, senior researchers, and all the current members of the European research project NL4XAI (Natural Language Technologies for Explainable Artificial Intelligence) will combine their knowledge in using natural language to generate explanations for decisions made by an AI system, which are understandable to non-expert users.

Our students on the list of the most talented young Poles

Opublikowano: 14/04/2022 10:01 am

Photo of Julia Kosińska and Adam Galant

Forbes "25 under 25"

WUT scientists' electrolyte greatly increases battery life

Opublikowano: 14/04/2022 8:17 am

Photo of Prof. Leszek Niedzicki, PhD, DSc, Eng. while working in the laboratory

A team of researchers from Warsaw University of Technology's Faculty of Chemistry have developed a new electrolyte that significantly extends the life of lithium-ion batteries and has already found application in smartphones and electric cars.

Architecture students have success in international competition

Opublikowano: 13/04/2022 3:14 pm

The zootopia project created by WUT students

Zofia Zimowska, Hanna Batyńska and Aleksander Barnaś take second place in the 120 Hours competition, organised by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Our students are the only representatives of Poland recognised by the jury.

AI and deep neural networks will help create and analyse music

Opublikowano: 13/04/2022 2:59 pm

Photo of Dr Mateusz Modrzejewski playing the drums

Pioneering research at a global scale on the topic is led by Dr Mateusz Modrzejewski – scientist from WUT’s Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and well-regarded drummer.  

Warsaw University of Technology in the QS Ranking by Subject

Opublikowano: 13/04/2022 2:51 pm

Photo of the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology

In the latest edition of the QS by Subject we have once again taken first place in Poland in the Engineering & Technology category. In the Natural Sciences we have retained third position in the country.

What can we do to make the university a good neighbour?

Opublikowano: 13/04/2022 2:45 pm

Graphics depicting WUT's central campus development concepts

What role do campuses play in shaping public spaces and how can they respond to social expectations, particularly in emergency situations? A research team from the Warsaw University of Technology posed such questions and have developed various development concepts for the Central Campus of WUT.

Easter wishes from the WUT Rector

Opublikowano: 12/04/2022 12:01 pm

Graphics presenting Easter eggs

All the best for everyone!

New motor glider from WUT

Opublikowano: 11/04/2022 11:21 am

Photo of PW-X10

A team from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering has developed PW-X10 – an experimental, flying electric powered 2-seat platform. The machine is brought into service of the WUT Aviation Research Centre "OBLOT", located at the airport in Sieraków, near Przasnysz.

The Flintstones' vehicle will help Ukraine

Opublikowano: 07/04/2022 11:11 am

Photo of the Flintstones' vehicle

Suppose could feel like one of the characters from an iconic cartoon for even a moment? You can now find out! All you have to do is win an auction held by the Płock branch of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Waste Management Company in Płock (PGO).

Hackathon4Ukraine – winning ideas

Opublikowano: 07/04/2022 11:02 am

Photo of the programmer

The programming marathon, which was organized by students from the Warsaw University of Technology's Data Science Research Club and Imperial College London, gave teams the chance  to create solutions that would help people from Ukraine. A special fundraiser was held alongside the Hackathon.

Sharing the knowledge about radio communication with Ukrainians

Opublikowano: 01/04/2022 8:38 am

Photo of the Radio Broadcasting Centre in Solec Kujawski

Tomasz Miś, a doctoral student from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, has decided to use his expertise to prepare materials for people from Ukraine who, due to the ongoing war, may have difficulty accessing the Internet communication and mobile telephony.

Ministerial support for students creating innovation

Opublikowano: 01/04/2022 8:35 am

Graphics presenting the results of the competition

Success of our student research clubs

New rules of functioning of WUT during the pandemic

Opublikowano: 29/03/2022 5:30 pm

Graphics presenting a coronavirus

Lifting the restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland also means changes at the Warsaw University of Technology. The present restrictions are laid down in Rector’s Regulation no. 110/2021 along with the changes introduced in Rector’s Regulation no. 25/2022, and the recommendations are included in Rector’s notice no. 2/2022.

WUT students once again on the podium of the Carolo-Cup competition

Opublikowano: 28/03/2022 8:43 am

Photo of the Robotics Science Club team with a Selfie car

The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering's Robotics Student Research Group (Koło Naukowe Robotyków) took third place in this year's Carolo-Master-Cup@Home, a competition of miniature autonomous cars.

Two new associated partners from Ukraine join the ENHANCE alliance

Opublikowano: 28/03/2022 8:37 am

Photo of the buildings of the Kiev University of Technology and the Lviv University of Technology

The ENHANCE alliance, to which the Warsaw University of Technology belongs, has been expanded by two new associated partners from Ukraine: the National Technical University of Ukraine – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the National University – Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Artificial intelligence will help to read skin tests

Opublikowano: 21/03/2022 10:25 am

photo of a skin allergy test

People with allergy symptoms can breathe a sigh of relief – thanks to the SkinLogic diagnostic solution co-created by a team from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, it will be possible to conduct skin allergy tests more efficiently and obtain more reliable results.

The student dormitory becomes a shelter for Ukrainian refugees

Opublikowano: 21/03/2022 10:17 am

Photo of the dormitory

Warsaw University of Technology's Branch in Płock supports the local government, providing shelter for people fleeing from Ukraine. 100 places have been prepared in the Student Dormitory "Wcześniak".