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Recipe for real 3D imaging

Opublikowano: 21/12/2022 12:44 pm

Photo of the holographic laboratory

Researchers from the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology and Białystok University, thanks to their cooperation with Japanese and Dutch scientists, have proposed a novel method of recording 3D holographic images. The results of their work were published in „Nature Communications”.

Wishes from the WUT Rector

Opublikowano: 19/12/2022 4:42 pm

Photo of the WUT Rector, prof. Krzysztof Zaremba

Christmas and New Year's is always a special time. On this occasion, the Rector of our University, prof. Krzysztof Zaremba wishes everyone all the best. – These wishes are not just on my behalf, but also on behalf of all the Rectors – emphasizes our Rector. 

Students develop self-balancing microgrids. This is the future of energy

Opublikowano: 19/12/2022 8:32 am

Photo of Katarzyna Połczyńska and Teodor Sawicki who are standing at the poster

Teodor Sawicki and Katarzyna Połczyńska from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering and the Power Engineering Student Research Group have developed a project of a microgrid powered only with renewable energy sources. Such a solution could provide energy self-sufficiency for buildings and even for cities. 

Energy transformation according to WUT physicists

Opublikowano: 19/12/2022 8:24 am

Photo of batteries

Work on materials important for energy storage and conversion has become particularly important in recent times. This has been influenced by the changes and challenges facing the modern world. How do the activities of researchers at the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University of Technology fit into this strategic research trend?

American general visits WUT

Opublikowano: 16/12/2022 8:54 am

Photo of General Jacqueline Van Ovost sitting at the table

Jacqueline Van Ovost, general of the United States Air Force, head of the US Transport Command, visited the Warsaw University of Technology. During her meeting with students, doctoral students and staff members, she talked about her professional experience and answered the participants’ questions.  

WUT students with scholarships from new program

Opublikowano: 13/12/2022 7:54 am

Photo of the scholarships winners from the WUT with Bianka Siwińska from the Perspektywy Foundation and the WUT Rector, Prof. Krzysztof Zaremba

Ten of our students participate in a new scholarship program that supports young female researchers from Ukraine.

The NARSIS project was awarded the "Stars of Europe" prize

Opublikowano: 13/12/2022 7:51 am

Photo of "Stars of Europe" prize

The NARSIS project, which included researchers from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, received the French "Trophée des Etoiles de l'Europe" award in the innovation category.

We are expanding cooperation with a university from South Korea

Opublikowano: 12/12/2022 8:10 am

Photo of KINGS President, Dr. Ki-Pung Yoo and WUT Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Mariusz Malinowski

Representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology and KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School signed an agreement concerning the student exchange program. This is a continuation of the collaboration that began in 2020.

Admissions to the WUT Doctoral School

Opublikowano: 12/12/2022 8:07 am

Photo of WUT students standing in the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science

Carry out research and get a doctorate degree at our University!

WUT Christmas Market is over!

Opublikowano: 12/12/2022 8:00 am

Photo of the new illumination of the WUT Main Building

We would like to thank everyone who visited our event and supported the fundraiser for the Christmas Grant for students and doctoral students of the Warsaw University of Technology. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have raised a record amount of PLN 33,794.

Scientists and companies meet again to ‘teach’ AI how to explain itself

Opublikowano: 01/12/2022 8:35 am

Photo of the brain

A new event organised in the framework of the H2020 European research project NL4XAI next December, will focus on the issue of how the quality of algorithms in this area should be assessed in the emerging field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI).

WUT scientists on a Nobel laureate and the importance of his research

Opublikowano: 30/11/2022 7:25 am

Photo of Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham

Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham received an honorary doctorate from the Warsaw University of Technology. This outstanding chemist, winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize, has gained recognition for his work on lithium-ion batteries. This area has also been developed for years by scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology. Why is this such an important topic? What is worth knowing about it? And what is it like to know a Nobel Prize winner?

WUT ideas take over the world of batteries

Opublikowano: 29/11/2022 8:33 am

Photo of a few members of the team that deals with battery technology at the Faculty of Chemistry. People are leaning over computer

How many times have you heard that Polish scientists create publications and receive patents that only a few specialists know of? A team from the Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Chemistry shows that our solutions may become a breakthrough, be recognized internationally and introduced to the market.

Nobel Prize winner visits Warsaw University of Technology

Opublikowano: 28/11/2022 8:57 am

Photo from the the Nobel Prize winner's lecture presenting people who are sitting and standing in the Auditorium of WUT’s Faculty of Physics

Our University welcomed Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham – winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He received an honorary doctorate from the Warsaw University of Technology, and also met with representatives of the University of Technology and gave an open lecture.

ENHANCE Alliance welcomes three new member universities

Opublikowano: 25/11/2022 4:21 pm

Photo of the high-ranked representatives of all ten member universities of ENHANCE Alliance

TU Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland) join the ENHANCE Alliance on its journey towards a European University. The ENHANCE Alliance includes the Warsaw University of Technology.

WUT graduate has become an astronaut

Opublikowano: 24/11/2022 10:37 am

Photo of Pablo Álvarez Fernández

From the Warsaw University of Technology to space? It’s possible! Pablo Álvarez Fernández, who graduated from our university, is one of the astronauts selected by the European Space Agency.

New doctor honoris causa of WUT

Opublikowano: 21/11/2022 9:13 pm

Photo of prof. M. Stanley Whittingham and the WUT Rector prof. Krzysztof Zaremba

Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham – a world-renowned chemist, co-founder of lithium-ion battery technology and 2019 Nobel Prize winner was awarded a honoris causa doctorate from the Warsaw University of Technology. This is a token of appreciation for the contribution of the researcher in the development of science and its practical use.

Nobel Prize winner in chemistry will give an open lecture at WUT

Opublikowano: 17/11/2022 1:54 pm

Photo of Professor M. Stanley Whittingham

Professor M. Stanley Whittingham will talk about the role of energy storage in the context of electric economy and climate change. The lecture will take place on 22 November 2022 at 14:15 in the Hall of the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology. Attendance is free of charge.

WUT Christmas Market 2022

Opublikowano: 16/11/2022 9:33 pm

Graphics promoting the WUT Christmas Market 2022

1-3 December, 10.00-18.00

Nobel Prize winner visits Warsaw University of Technology

Opublikowano: 16/11/2022 9:30 pm

Photo of Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham on the background of the Main Hall in the WUT Main Building

Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham will visit our University on November 21-22, 2022

James Dyson chooses a smart dressing from WUT

Opublikowano: 16/11/2022 9:24 pm

Photo of Piotr Walter, MSc. Eng., Dominik Baraniecki, MSc. Eng. and Tomasz Raczyński, MSc. Eng.

SmartHEAL, a smart dressing created by graduates and currently PhD students, won the James Dyson Award competition. The solution is to help heal chronic wounds.

Registration for master's degree studies staring in February 2023

Opublikowano: 16/11/2022 12:32 pm

Photo of the students standing in the Main Building

Join our students!

WUT students build the future of sustainable transport

Opublikowano: 04/11/2022 9:35 am

Photo of the winning team from the Faculty of Chemistry

A students team from the Faculty of Chemistry has won the competition ”Drive Innovation – Future of Sustainable Transport”. They have proposed limitation of exhaust fumes with the use of third-generation PV cells.

WUT in the Times Higher Education by Subject ranking

Opublikowano: 04/11/2022 9:04 am

Photo of the WUT Main Building

The Warsaw University of Technology has been ranked in four fields of the international ranking THE by Subject 2023. These are: Computer Science, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Business and Economics.

Research at WUT takes the astronautics’ world by storm

Opublikowano: 28/10/2022 11:15 am

Photo of people from the Warsaw University of Technology standing by the inscription IAC 2022

Our students, doctoral students and WUT staff have been developing space projects for years. They shared the results of their latest works during the 73rd International Astronautical Congress. Representatives of the University of Technology talked about rockets, Earth exploration, communication and power systems in space and an interesting use of artificial intelligence.