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WUT Media


Student Internet portal established upon the initiative of the Student Self-Government of Warsaw University of Technology.

It is created by journalists, programmers, graphics and photographers, whose activity is based on free-of-charge student activity.

The portal comprises six main sections: News, Photos, Culture, Science, Sports and Tourism, and Studies.

The aim of the portal is to inform students about important events taking place at the University and in Warsaw and promotion of student activity.


e-mail: info@polibuda.info


Radio Aktywne (Radio Active)

The first Internet radio of Warsaw University of Technology students and the first academic radio in Warsaw.

It was founded in October 2004.

Though the radio is connected with Warsaw University of Technology, its journalists include students of all Warsaw universities.

For its listeners, the radio broadcasts various original programmes and a daily information and cultural programme “Aktywacja”.

Each day the team of journalists prepares latest news for students, academic and cultural information and interesting facts, and invites guests.


e-mail: redakcja@radioaktywne.pl


Student Internet Television TVPW

Student Internet Television TVPW was established in May 2007.

The TV covers events connected with academic life in Warsaw, often in the form of media patronage. It also creates original programmes.

The largest undertaking so far has been coverage of Warsaw Juvenalia.

It also regularly reports on, i.a., elections of Warsaw University of Technology Miss and the December Academic Artistic Review GAPA.

TVPW is also known for its popular science programmes, intervention reports and a series of films about the Warsaw underground.

e-mail: redakcja@tvpw.pl


WUT e-Bulletin

Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin is a website dedicated to the entire community of our University, aiming at publishing updated information on events and achievements of the Warsaw University of Technology and its employees as well as capturing selected scientific and teaching-related topics.

Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin is not only a daily piece of information about accomplishments of our students and employees, but also it covers issues such as: international cooperation, events organized within the Alma Mater, scientific symposiums and conferences, new releases on the publishing market, press features related to science and the University’s history. Moreover, the e-Bulletin publishes photo galleries of important celebrations and meetings.

Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin was established in September 2013. Readers of the e-Bulletin receive a newsletter updating them on the website news twice a month.


e-mail: bpw@rekt.pw.edu.pl
website: www.biuletyn.pw.edu.pl