Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

The Foreign Language Centre

The Foreign Language Centre, established 60 years ago, functions as an inter-faculty unit operating at every Faculty of the University. It serves students of all types, i.e. full-time, part-time and doctoral, as well as offers language classes for international students and WUT employees. The Centre's main facilities and offices are located in the University Main Building. The Centre employs staff of about 100, supported by 7 technical and administrative personnel to serve over ten thousand students in over 500 language groups each semester.
Courses are available in a wide range of languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and, for foreign students, Polish. The course programme usually consists of 4 hours of classes per week.

General language instruction is provided for all students, including practice in comprehension, reading, speaking and written work. Intermediate and advanced students are made familiar with various elements of LSP (Language for Special Purposes - technical or business) as well as with texts relevant to their chosen area of study.
General requirements are laid down by the University Senate while the detailed ones are specified in separate regulations of the Foreign Language Centre. Each full-time first-cycle student has to pass a B2-level examination in a chosen foreign language in order to complete his or her study. The examination, both the written and the oral part, is organized and conducted by the Foreign Language Centre during every examination session.

An additional function of the Centre is to organise and set final examinations for doctoral graduates, as well as to conduct various qualifying examinations for both students and staff for grants, practical work experience programmes abroad, fellowships, etc.
OJA, part of the Foreign Language Centre, also offers one-year courses for international students who, after passing the B2 examination, take up study at Warsaw University of Technology. It is planned to offer similar courses in Polish.
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